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APRIL 2021

Regal Beloit | Coupling Recertification Saves Time and Money

The conditions that cause coupling wear, advantages of the coupling recertification process, and the steps taken to restore product to the original factory warranty.

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Sundyne | Enhance Compressor Efficiency & Minimize Energy Costs

70% of the total lifecycle costs for gas compressors come from energy consumption. Recent impeller improvements help compressors produce greater flow utilizing less power than previous designs.

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VELO3D | Case Study: VELO3D and Mohawk Innovation Technology

Read how Mohawk Innovative Technology was able to realize their design in a Supercritical CO2 Application with VELO3D’s metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

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Atlas Copco| Looking for a more sustainable future with CO2 and IGCs

This paper discusses the expanded market for the capture and use of CO2 in many industrial applications, and how centrifugal compressors aid in these processes.

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Concepts NREC| Modeling casing treatment in compressors

Tighter regulations on exhaust gas emissions have driven the development of smaller, turbocharged engines. The technology is gaining attention in other industries that share many of the same requirements. This paper examines the design process for casing treatment in detail using specialized turbomachinery software for preliminary design modeling and optimization.

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Sulzer| The Challenges of Maintaining Equipment on Offshore Platforms

Operators of offshore platforms are under considerable pressure to extend the working life of existing equipment while at the same time reducing operating costs. This paper looks at how this can be achieved for a wide variety of assets including pumps, turbines motors and generators.

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Other White Papers

MARCH 2021
Camfil Power Systems | Monitoring the impact of ambient conditions on GT performance improves maintenance practices and maximizes operating profits

Monitoring ambient conditions and filter performance on GT functionality can improve maintenance decisions and reduce operating costs.

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VELO3D and Duncan Machine Products | VELOVirtual: Fast track your supply chain: Go from CAD to machined in just 3 weeks
Join Duncan Machine Products and VELO3D on a live webinar as we look at how VELO3D’s metal 3D printing solution can fast-track your supply chain.

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VELO3D | Increase Efficiency of Gas Turbine Engines by 40X with 3D Metal Printing

Sierra Turbines has a vision of improving the efficiency of microturbines by 40X, improving power density to 10X, and reducing weight by 50% – metal additive manufacturing enables them to aim high and turn thee goals into reality. Ready more about in the case study. 

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Regal Beloit | Coupling Recertification Protects Plants from Costly Downtime

Unplanned downtime can be incredibly costly when you consider lost production and the stress of having to scramble for replacement parts and staff emergency labor (oftentimes at overtime rates).

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Camfil Power Systems| The Value Rating – The Easiest Way to Select the Best Filters for Gas Turbines
The Value Rating is a new gas turbine air filter classification system. Armed with this data, operators can instantly compare the impact different filters will have on the performance of their gas turbines.

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MAY 2020
Sulzer | The Challenges of Maintaining Equipment on Offshore Platforms
Operators of offshore platforms are under considerable pressure to extend the working life of existing equipment while at the same time reducing operating costs. This paper looks at how this can be achieved for a wide variety of assets including pumps, turbines motors and generators.

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PCB Piezotronics | Making it in a high frequency world
This white paper illustrates how resonant frequency of an accelerometer is determined via Hooke’s Law and the spring-mass harmonic isolator. It also explores the concepts of mass and mounting methodology stiffness, the two main factors that affect the resonant frequency (and therefore high frequency response) of an accelerometer.

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APRIL 2020
Greene Tweed’s Arlon® 4020 Labyrinth Seal Solution Enables MAN Energy Solutions to Achieve Substantial Efficiency Gain
Greene Tweed partnered with MAN Energy Solutions to develop an Arlon®4020 Labyrinth Seal Solution that provides substantial efficiency gain and superior performance when compared to traditional metallic seals.

The engineered tooth profile of the Arlon®4020 Labyrinth Seal enables MAN Energy Solutions to reduce leakage and increase efficiency in their compressors.

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Camfil Power Systems | Cutting the Carbon Cost with Improved Air Inlet Systems
As the world becomes environmentally conscious, the Power Generation and Oil and Gas industries have seen mounting pressure to find greener solutions. With a growing demand for greener practices and rising operational costs, it has become imperative for gas turbine operators to cut their carbon footprints, reduce operational costs, and become more efficient. In this whitepaper you will discover that one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions is to upgrade the air intake filters on gas turbines.

You will learn

  • Why air inlet filters reduce carbon emissions
  • The effects of fouling on gas turbine carbon emissions
  • The impact of fouling on base load vs part load operations

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MARCH 2020
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Compressor | High Speed Balancing
Industrial compressors are run at incredibly high speeds under immense pressure every day. This stress causes the rotors inside to naturally warp and bend, creating imbalances over time due to their dynamic nature. If these imbalances go unchecked for too long they can lead to more catastrophic damage, expensive field repairs, and unplanned downtime costs surpassing $2M per day. Consequently, there are long-standing and recommended balancing practices in place to prevent these problems.
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Reuters Events | Successfully Engineering and Constructing a Gas Plant
Here’s what you can expect from the new whitepaper:

  • How can your power project learn from the best examples of project delivery?
  • Understand the key traits for a successful power project – Get the formula for building a highly effective power project including data and technology and equipment organization
  • Learn the best communication strategies – Discover the ultimate checklist to create strong connections along the project value chain
  • Expert insight on how to overcome economic challenges: Get the inside scoop on how to save yourself money during your project development

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ISOMAG | A Key Variable in Predicting and Extending Bearing Life
Bearings are at the heart of all rotating equipment, yet they are often an afterthought. Neglected until the “heart” stops beating and the equipment is forced to shut down wasting time and money. This paper puts bearings first. It describes methods for more accurate bearing life calculations by examining current bearing protection devices.
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IMI Sensors | Understand Equipment Certification Programs for Potentially Explosive Environments
Intrinsic safety certifications identify a mix and match of different terms- ATEX, CSA or IECEx? Division or zone? Gas or dust? Pick the sensor with the wrong intrinsic safety certification and run the risk of having the installation stopped by local authorities. This white paper can help you to understand the most common intrinsic safety systems and more, leading you to a more educated decision about which intrinsically-safe vibration sensor is best for your application.
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MHPS | Ramping up to Run with Renewables
As the global power market increases its reliance on renewable energy, power plants need more flexibility to address intermittent demand. Discover how your plant can adapt by reading our white paper, “Ramping Up to Run with Renewables.” You’ll learn:

  • How renewables are impacting the grid
  • How renewables are driving digital power plant solutions
  • How flexible operation and performance are improving utilization

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Sulzer | Addressing Stress Corrosion Cracking in the Turbomachinery Industry
Stress Corrosion Cracking is a common problem affecting turbomachinery components such as rotor discs, steam turbine blades and compressor impellers, and is a major factor driving component repair. This type of cracking may lead to catastrophic failures which result in unplanned down time and expensive repairs.
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PCB Piezotronics | Design and Selection Criteria of High Temperature Accelerometers for Combustion Turbines
Accelerometers and pressure sensors used in combustion turbine applications for condition monitoring and bearing health monitoring require special consideration during the design and manufacturing process. Sensors must be optimized to perform in high-temperature applications (ie. up to 1200 °F [649 °C]) while providing high accuracy, stability and reliability. Typical applications for high temperature sensors include condition monitoring of power generation turbines, gas turbine bearing health monitoring and turbine/compressor sets in oil & gas pipelines.
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MHPS | The Future Is Now: Creating The Smart Power Plant
As global power markets evolve and become more and more competitive, power plants can benefit from utilizing digital upgrades to be more competitive today and prepare for future challenges. Data from the thousands of sensors in a plant is too much for human analysis, but digital upgrades can turn this data into actionable knowledge. Learn some of the ways you can begin to turn your plant into a smart power plant by reading our white paper, “Creating the Smart Power Plant of the Future.” You’ll learn:

  • How smart power plants can adapt
  • How digital upgrades can direct maintenance
  • How a smart power plant can optimize revenue

Download this white paper to learn how digital solutions can turn your plant into a smart power plant and, therefore, more profitable.
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Petrotech | Wet Gas Compressor Capacity Control Systems
The Wet Gas Compressor (WGC) plays a central role in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) operations. The WGC compresses gas from the main column overhead receiver to the gas plant operating pressure, while maintaining proper reactor pressure. As FCCU feed varies, the WGC controls must adjust the compressor’s capacity to maintain a stable reactor-regenerator pressure. Proper control strategies are key for maximizing productivity and reducing power consumption.
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Meefog | Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging for Humid Environments
It is a common misconception that inlet air fogging is not suitable for very humid climates. However, this paper shows that power boosts of 10% or more can be achieved, even in very humid climates. The paper also shows a technique for estimating annual output gain available with inlet fogging. Visit us at PowerGen International #3519 to learn more.
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IMI Sensors / PCB Piezotronics | Vibration Monitoring In Refinery Applications Under API Standard 670
The US energy market has experienced significant growth since 2010, transforming from a major fossil fuel importer into a major fossil fuel producer. Fossil fuel (coal, natural gas and petroleum) production has increased by 17% in the last 8 years, driven by developments in shale and offshore extraction.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 670: Machinery Protection Systems stipulates the minimum requirements of machinery protection systems in refinery applications in an effort to improve safety, increase uptime and quality and reduce risk. Read this white paper to learn about the standard’s requirements for accelerometer selection and field testing.
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Regal | Coupling Maintenance Strategies for Critical Equipment
Though high-performance couplings are designed to be the weakest link on rotating equipment, when operated within their rated capacities, they can outlast the equipment they are connected to. If a coupling fails, it can provide insight into equipment operating conditions. To avoid unplanned outages, consider the following scenarios.
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Aveva | Bridging the Gap between Scheduling & Operations with Unified Supply Chain and Operations Execution Management
From feedstock data management, trading, plant, and network optimization, to scheduling and process unit monitoring, a single source of knowledge allows enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, and across global locations. The result is a solution that better explores opportunities, reduces operational risk, and shrinks the gap between plan and actual results…. Download now

Douglas Electrical Components | Hermetic Feedthroughs for Magnetic Bearing Chiller Compressors
Magnetic bearings help chiller compressors reach new levels of efficiency. These high-tech bearings, however, need extra signal connections thorugh the pressurized compressor housing. Epoxy-based hermetic feedthroughs can facilitate those signal—and power—connections without driving cost or compromising design freedom…. Download now

Aveva | 5 Essential Elements to Ignite Asset Performance Management
Today many industries realize they can turn new data into insight to improve reliability, reduce downtime, and increase productivity by implementing APM 4.0 strategies… Download now

Aveva | Asset Performance Management 4.0
APM 4.0 is an evolutionary step that will bring together many components we see now and that have the potential to make an impact in the future… Download now

JULY 2018
Emerson | Plantweb Insight: Lead the Way with the Predictive Intelligence
Real-time insight and easy-to-interpret analytics of key asset data is essential in making better, faster decisions for your facility. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, Plantweb Insight analyzes your plant data and translates it into actionable information… Download now

Emerson | Corrosion and erosion. Do you know how your operation is handling it?
Real-time data delivery can tell you how your plant or asset is dealing with corrosion or erosion demands. Find out how to wirelessly monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion in piping, vessels and pipelines and take control long before hydrocarbon containment loss occurs… Download now

JUNE 2018
Emerson | Beyond the Manual Round in Power Plants
The role of combined cycle plants in the larger energy picture is changing, and so are the ways of managing and optimizing operations. Automation technologies for monitoring plant assets can have a significant impact on reliability, availability, heat rate and emissions by giving you valuable insight into problems before they occur… Download now

MAY 2018
BSquare | Optimizing IIoT Value in Oil & Gas with IT-OT Alignment
Digital transformation is a major disruptive force facing oil & gas companies today. Operators are looking to bridge the divided worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). Discover how your organization benefits from IT-OT alignment… Download now

Emerson | Corrosion and erosion. Do you know how your operation is handling it?
Real-time data delivery can tell you how your plant or asset is dealing with corrosion or erosion demands. With reliable corrosion or erosion events detection online, you’ll be able to take control… Download now

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